Nick Jonas misses Miley?

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After he finished the song, he looked as if he would cry. At the end he says, “Singing out loud, means A LOT to BOTH of us”

Please comment your thoughts..


4 Responses to “Nick Jonas misses Miley?”

  1. mj Says:

    get over it. niley= past.
    got it?

  2. gottalovdemi Says:

    omg i feel so bad for nick dont u?

  3. Anon Says:

    They’re OVER. Just friends. but the song is like their relationship in song form.

  4. Lizbeth Says:

    OOFF course!! is normal to want to listen to mourn!. why? I can not believe what I excited!

    he is like miley… pasion for the music is biggeer

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