Is Nourtney REAL?


A source has confirmed Nick Jonas to have dated Courtney Galiano. The pair met while filming Camp Rock 2. A source says that Courtney was afraid of dating Nick because of the age difference, and it wouldn’t be allowed. Nick’s new song called ‘Stay’ is apparently written for Courtney. Nick wants her to stay, and not be afraid.

There was rumors that Nick got back with Selena Gomez [Which is FALSE!] so Courtney got back with her old boyfriend, and made fun of Selena Gomez on twitter.

Courtney’s tweet was something like, “New Years is the ONLY time a year a girl can wear tacky sequin dresses.. PLEASE don’t continue this trend”. When Selena performed on NYE she wore a black sequin dress. People were hating on Courtney for this, which caused Courtney to delete her twitter.

There is also a video of Miley mocking Courtney on stage. 

So what do YOU think?


3 Responses to “Is Nourtney REAL?”

  1. Wendy Says:

    No way would Nick J actually date Courtney. Age difference way to much and I pray that they are just friends. Friends can go to concerts together. Who said that he wrote “Stay” for her?

  2. bethh Says:

    well after that comment about selena, nick shouldnt want her to stay.
    im glad miley mocked her, jealous cow.
    just because selena went to support her friend at his show, she thinks she can mock her outfit.
    selena was voted #1 in teenvogue for fashion, and somehow i dont think courtney was in that list.

  3. kati Says:

    where the video of miley making fun of her?

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